Battlefield Hardline Offers More Depth Than Ever Before

Visceral is developing Battlefield Hardline in a way that the game series has never seen before. This time around players are given more depth within the game and choices galore! How you play and go through the game will be more unique between different players.

A recent blog post by creative director for Battlefield Hardline, Ian Milham, revealed that the game is being developed with much more depth and giving players more freedom of how they play the game.

Taking Battlefield into the world of cops and criminals gives us an opportunity to do something completely different than what’s been done in the past, not only in the series but in the genre. When we look around the landscape of gaming these days, there are a lot of gravel voiced super soldiers saving the world from domination.

But that’s not the world of cops and criminals, and that’s not something we’re interested in doing with Hardline.

According to Milham, the world of Battlefield Hardline will be more “personal and relatable” as you won’t see those long drastic cut scenes within the game where a super villain reveals his master plan.

These days we think gamers are looking for more tactical choice and depth in their games, not just whack-a-mole shooting galleries. So for the Battlefield Hardline single player campaign, we are trying to fill our world with those choices.

Battlefield Hardline will be releasing on October 21, 2014 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360.