Meet Hideo Kojima & Tetsuya Nomura San Diego Comic-Con

The San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) is without-a-doubt, the granddaddy of comic-cons. This is the big show and with it comes everything from TV shows, movies, video games, comics and more. During this year’s event two special video game icons will be present for signings. If you’re attending the event this year, find out how you can get a signature from Hideo Kojima and Tetsuya Nomura.

Hideo Kojima is a familiar name to most, after-all he’s the head honcho for a massive video game series, Metal Gear Solid. Tetsuya Nomura is most well known for his work on Final Fantasy XV, Final Fantasy VII and Kingdom Hearts III.

The autograph event will require gamers to purchase a Play Arts Figurine at the Square Enix booth. Figurines available for purchase includes Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts and DC characters. One purchase will grant you one chance for a face-to-face meeting for a signature. Each figurine you purchase will grant you a signature. Purchase them all and have a nice sit-down with the duo.

Personal items will not be accepted for signatures. Instead there will be postcards with designs available which will be signed. No recording will be permitted as well so forget trying to capture a photo, video or audio.