Here’s how you can get Battlefield 4 and Hardline for $5 each right now

The upcoming Battlefield 1 is shaping up to be one hell of a ride, packed full of all you could ever hope for in a WW1 first-person shooter. Tense and exhilarating vehicle warfare, exploding airships, incredibly fun and rewarding dynamic environments, and so on. Come October 21st all this can be yours, but that’s a long time … Read more

Battlefield Hardline Release Date

Battlefield Hardline release date was originally October 21 of 2014, but after getting severe negative feedback on the launch of Battlefield 4, EA decided to push back the release date. EA recently stated that the Battlefield Hardline release date is March 17, 2015. It was also stated that Battlefield 5 will not release until sometime … Read more

How Will Battlefield Hardline be Different from Battlefield 4?

How Will Battlefield Hardline be different from Battlefield 4? Visceral Games creative director Steve Papoutsis gave a interview about what sets his game apart from the previous installment. “Overall, I feel like what we’re creating is a significant entry for the franchise, and we hope people see it that way,” he said. This past June, … Read more

Battlefield 5 Can Co-Exist With Battlefield Hardline, Dev Says

According to creative director Ian Milham, Battlefield Hardline will be different enough from Battlefield 5 that people will play both games when they are released. “I think we are making something different from the core of Battlefield that is being made and I think they can live along next to each other,” Ian Milham said. “And … Read more

Battlefield Hardline Hotwire Multiplayer Gameplay Footage

The latest trailer for Battlefield Hardline goes over a the Hotwire multiplayer mode, a chase style game that will lead to some very intense, fast and action-packed battles. EA and Visceral released a new trailer for Hotwire. The game mode is made for multiplayer where two teams race off to capture “marked cars”. When a … Read more

Battlefield 4 Final Stand DLC Delayed

EA recently revealed that the upcoming Battlefield Hardline video game would be delayed. Because of the delay, it seems that the Final Stand DLC for Battlefield 4 has been pushed back until later this year. EA CEO Andrew Wilson held an investor call yesterday where he stated that the Final Stand DLC for Battlefield 4 … Read more