Battlefield 4 Final Stand DLC Delayed

EA recently revealed that the upcoming Battlefield Hardline video game would be delayed. Because of the delay, it seems that the Final Stand DLC for Battlefield 4 has been pushed back until later this year.

EA CEO Andrew Wilson held an investor call yesterday where he stated that the Final Stand DLC for Battlefield 4 will be releasing during the third quarter of this year. Most likely, it was pushed back as Battlefield Hardline would be delayed until next year.

Also during the call Andrew Wilson stated why Battlefield Hardline has been delayed in the first place, it would seem that the beta gave EA quite a bit to think about.

We found a lot of feedback from players in there, providing us valid information and feedback around features of the game and how the game felt, etc.

And things like the cops and robbers fiction maybe wasn’t shining through properly, you know? Is it playing like a military game, but it should be a cops and robbers game? We saw ideas around asymmetric gameplay–a bunch of really strong, good, well-thought ideas that we decided to listen to.

And having a long discussion with the team, and looking at where we were, we felt like the best thing for us was to give the development team a little bit of extra time and get the game to where we think it needs to be in order to be successful.