Sony Ends 2011 PSN Data Breach Through $15 Million Settlement

I’m sure you can recall the infamous 2011 PSN data breach. PSN was down for several weeks and to top it off, accounts were compromised. Everything from names, addresses and credit cards may have been taken for 77 million users. Now, years later, Sony has finally reached a settlement from the data breach that comes to a total of $15 million.

The data breach inconvenienced all Sony gamers. Even if your account information wasn’t taken, PSN was down for several weeks. Sony has come to a settlement from the event which will give back to the gamers. What Sony is allowing is granting players two options if you didn’t join in Sony’s “Welcome Back” package. If you happened to participate during the Welcome Back promotion, you will only get one option instead of two.

Sony is offering the following to gamers: Free PS3 and PSP games, PS3 themes, PS Plus Subscriptions, Music Unlimited Subscriptions and lastly SOE Station Cash. Since the 2011 data breach, Sony has tighten up security as I’m sure everyone else did as well.