Fan Favourite Battlefield Friends Series Returning for Battlefield 2042

With the launch of Battlefield 2042 closing in, fan favourite animated series Battlefield Friends announced its return.

Battlefield 2042 is on the horizon and now we know everything to come with the game. We got our official unveiling of the Hunt: Showdown like Hazard Zone. You can check out everything we know about the game mode here.

Yet another announcement that slipped under the radar was that Battlefield Friends will return. The comedy animated series has been a staple of comedic Battlefield commentary since Battlefield 3.

YouTube video
Credit: YouTube


Battlefield Friends released hilarious episodes which would make fun of the series, and original aired on Machinima. It ran across Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardline (which is an underrated gem, by the way).

It often ridiculed some of the funnier aspects of the game, through its central team. The team was made up of the Medic, Recon, Assault and Noob. Each had their own personality, and acted as parodies of the different types of players that made up a Battlefield lobby.

Credit: Neebs Gaming

The teaser for the new series saw the Colonel digging up the Noob character from the grave. This seemingly noting the channels sudden disappearance across both Battlefield 1 and Battlefield V. The Noob refuses to get back into the field. However, 2042’s inclusion of wingsuits quickly changes their mind. Meanwhile the Recon, Assault and Medic remain in their graves. This is in reference to 2042 ditching the class system.

The series will now air on Neebs Gaming, which is a cinematic gameplay sight. It announced that Battlefield Friends will return soon, but “not too soon”. Of course the team will need to play the game before they can make any commentary on it. And the video also explains that animation takes a long time to finalise.

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Featured Image Credit: Machinima