Battlefield 2042 Cracking Down On Community Toxicity

EA is keen for Battlefield 2042 to be a positive place to play, so it is cracking down on toxic players in new community guidelines.

The Battlefield community is a relatively passionate community, that still fills the lobbies of past entries in the series. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some that look to spoil the fun. With abuse through chats, unfair play and disruptive players, there are those that can spoil the experience.

However, in a recent post from EA, it appears that the studio are making the most of the game’s slight delay. Its post outlined, through its new positive play commitment, how Battlefield 2042 would crack down on toxic players.

Credit: EA


As part of its Positive Play initiative, Battlefield 2042 will allow you to take steps to avoid abusive behaviour. For one, you will not be able to block players in-game, so that they cannot message or share a voice chat with you. The game will also feature an always-on profanity filter for in-game chats, which can also be turned off.

If avoidance isn’t enough, you can also report players in game, meaning you don’t have to tab-out. And for those creating experiences on Battlefield Portal, some tools will allow you to apply persistent bans. This will only be applicable for experience you have created.

Credit: EA

On top of gameplay etiquette, Battlefield 2042 will tackle cheaters from launch. 2042 will use the same Easy-Anti Cheat as Apex Legends. With the issues that Warzone has face on top of cheaters making it into the Vanguard Beta, it’s nice to see EA take cheating seriously. If detected, cheaters will receive perma-bans mid match across all platforms. The anti-cheat software will even be in place for the Beta which launches next week. If you want to get ahead of the beta, we have some handy tips and tricks right here.

With a game as exciting as Battlefield 2042, the last thing you want is the experience spoiled by toxic players. It’s great to see EA and DICE take formative action ahead of launch.

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Featured Image Credit: EA/ DICE