Basement Crawl new gameplay trailer released

Bloober Team has revealed a new gameplay trailer of Basement Crawl which focuses on the multiplayer bashing.

Basement Crawl will include four player local and eight player online multiplayer.

CEO Piotr Babieno of Bloober Team said, “Basement Crawl finally gives PlayStation 4 owners a reason to invite their friends over to show off their systems – our amazing local multiplayer that is as addictive as it is competitive.”

“Basement Crawl rewards skill and practice, which means a good player will never get cheated out of a win by someone who grinds with better gear. For any PS4 owner out there who is still looking for a really fun, truly unique multiplayer game for their new system, Basement Crawl is it.”

Checkout the video:

YouTube video

The game is exclusive for PlayStation 4 and will release in Europe on January 29 and will cost $10/€10/₤8. A North American release is also on cards and will soon follow.

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