A Fortnite ‘No Build’ Mode Could Be Coming Very Soon

Players prayers might soon be answered as a ‘No Build’ mode might be coming to Fortnite soon if leaks are to be believed [via GGRecon].

It’s been a point of contention among Fortnite fans since the Battle Royale released back in 2017 – does the building actually make the game more fun? If you weren’t aware, Fortnite lets players use materials to build structures while playing on the Battle Royale map. It’s an integral part of the gameplay at this point – if you don’t build your own cover, you’ll be dead in seconds.

However, this has given Fortnite an incredibly steep learning curve with a ridiculously high skill ceiling. I’ve spoken about how Fortnite is in desperate need of a bots only mode, but the idea of a ‘No Build’ mode is also appealing. Epic was reportedly working on a ‘No Build’ playlist back in October, but rumours are now surfacing once again.

Notable Fortnite leaker and influencer ‘HYPEX’ tweeted last week that Epic is working on a ‘No Build’ limited time mode. They add that now would be a perfect time to bring the mode to life given that new movement mechanics were just added to Fortnite. The latest update adds sliding and Spider-Man web-slinging to the game.


As for when this mode will see the light of day, we’re not yet sure. All is currently quiet from Epic Games. I’d certainly love to see a ‘No Build’ mode appear in Fortnite. The questing system, daily challenges and crossover events have always been interesting – it’s just a shame that the game isn’t all that accessible. A new game mode like this could change that.

Would you like to see a ‘No Build’ mode appear in Fortnite? Let us know across our social channels.

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[Featured Image Credit: Epic Games]