7 Brutal Games That Absolutely Punish You For Dying

XCOM: Enemy Unknown


Alright, so you probably have some friends. It’s safe to say that if one of them.. out of nowhere.. got their head exploded by an Alien, you’d feel pretty bad, right? Welcome to the world of XCOM: Enemy Unknown. You get to build your crack team of super soldiers and take on a bunch of dimwitted Martians!

But that feeling of losing one of your team members, permanently, really stays with you. Especially considering you get to name each one..

So what happens when you lose all your team members, and it’s just you crushing Alien skulls in? Surely you get some reinforcements, right? Nope! When you look around and realize you’re the only one left, it’s probably a good time to restart.

Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!4

If you went to school around the late 80’s, and you were one of few who managed to beat Mike Tyson in Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!!, you were probably the most popular kid around!

Okay, maybe not. Still though, getting through all the previous fights and then getting KO’d by Tyson over and over again will stay with you forever. Good thing they had a cheat code to skip right to Tyson so you can get some practice in, but who knew about that back then?