64 Player Modes Are Being Added To Battlefield 2042, But Only For Christmas

64-player modes have been added to Battlefield 2042 on PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC temporarily.

Smaller versions of Conquest and Breakthrough have been made accessible via the All-Out Warfare menu in the game. These modes are essentially stripped-down, smaller scale versions of the standard modes.

Battlefield 2042 launched with 128 player modes, but the PS4 and Xbox One versions were only playable with 64. Now, all systems will be able to play with that smaller number of players. However, it seems like this change will only last throughout the Christmas period.


Battlefield 2042 Updates

Battlefield 2042 has been receiving more and more updates to try to fix the game’s issues.

The latest patch aimed to improve hit registration and bullet recoil, two problems that players have become frustrated with in this iteration of the FPS series. Other balance changes have also been made, and you can see the full patch notes here.

Furthermore, Rush will also be available through the holiday period in Battlefield portal. You can find the option to matchmake on the home screen of Portal.


This update comes after EA announced plans to create a “Battlefield Universe“. Respawn’s Vince Zampella left the studio to become the new head of the franchise. Other studios have also been pulled in to work on new games, including Marcus Lehto’s new studio and Ripple Effect.

Will you be playing the 64 player modes in Battlefield 2042 this holiday season? Let us know on our social media channels!

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Featured image credit: DICE/EA