2K Games Reveals Pre-Order Bonuses For Evolve

2K Games has revealed the pre-order bonuses for Turtle Rock’s upcoming IP Evolve. The development team may be best known for their Left 4 Dead series and you can bet that the same cooperative gameplay has been brought over in the development of Evolve. By pre-ordering the game, players will be given access to the Monster Expansion Pack.

The Monster Expansion Pack comes with the Savage Goliath skin, seen above in the photo. With the new skin, the expansion pack will grant players a completely new monster character. Much like the Left 4 Dead series, the game is best played with friends as a four-player crew will take on the hunt for aliens. Each hunter will have their very own special abilities and items. Another player will be deemed as the monster, much like the hunters, monsters will also be varied in different various abilities.

2K Games has announced that the upcoming Turtle Rock title Evolve, will be coming out this Fall for the PlayStation 4 and other platforms.