Back 4 Blood Guide: Starting Tips To Help You Survive

Back 4 Blood is proving itself to be one of the more enjoyable shooters to come out in 2021, but there’s a lot to learn if you want to survive in the Ridden apocalypse. This survival guide will set you on the right path with some key tips for beginners, along with some general advice … Read more

Evolve DLC Maps Will Be Free

Evolve’s upcoming DLC map packs will be completely free for players. This announcement came straight from Turtle Rock development studio, developers of of the Left 4 Dead series. The studio wants to allow players to enjoy all the maps and not get locked out from any online gameplay. Turtle Rock development studio’s Creative Director Phil … Read more

The Kraken Shown Off In Evolve Trailer

A new creature has been revealed for the upcoming Evolve trailer game being developed by Turtle Rock. Evolve has players choosing a role of four characters with their own unique abilities: the hunter, trapper, medic and support. Four members will take on monsters and creatures, which can be played by opposing players. Today a new … Read more

2K Games Reveals Pre-Order Bonuses For Evolve

2K Games has revealed the pre-order bonuses for Turtle Rock’s upcoming IP Evolve. The development team may be best known for their Left 4 Dead series and you can bet that the same cooperative gameplay has been brought over in the development of Evolve. By pre-ordering the game, players will be given access to the … Read more