Evolve DLC Maps Will Be Free

Evolve’s upcoming DLC map packs will be completely free for players. This announcement came straight from Turtle Rock development studio, developers of of the Left 4 Dead series. The studio wants to allow players to enjoy all the maps and not get locked out from any online gameplay.

Turtle Rock development studio’s Creative Director Phil Robb announced that the upcoming DLC map packs will be free. By keeping the maps free, players will not be forced into certain game modes for online gameplay. Instead, paid DLC will consist of new monsters and hunters however, everyone will still get to enjoy the new monsters.

Apparently, gamers will have the ability to buy new monsters for use but will be able to face them for free online. Evolve will not be releasing until February 10, 2015 where those who pre-order the game will get the first monster DLC  for free.