YouTubers Are Complaining About This One Detail Of Call of Duty: WWII

We’ve heard a lot recently from many Youtubers about how it’s getting harder and harder for them to earn a living, with some popular channels having their earnings cut by 70% or more.

Youtube has become quite conservative in terms of what they’ll allow or not allow to be monetized, and seemingly completely innocent content isĀ getting demonetized left and right, not to mention many people’s back catalogs of videos, too. Meanwhile, a lot of those creepy Spider-Man Elsa videos are still thriving, oddly enough…

Anyways, for Youtubers that feature games on their channels, the release of any huge title is a good boost to their views and usually their earnings, so some of them were undoubtedly looking forward to the upcoming release of the next CoD game, but it turns out that they’re not even allowed to talk about it without risking demonetization.