You will be able to afford the PS4

The PlayStation 4ps4releasedate unveiled yesterday during Sony press conference in New York City. Sony provide us what the future of PlayStation will held. Many spectacular games were revealed. The amount of realism the game brings were phenomenal. Not only that we also get a glimpse and see how powerful the  PlayStation 4 is.

A release date were giving, but the price for the system remain unknown.

A rumor claimed the PS4 will come with two models: One  will price $429 and   the other one will be $529.But don’t believe in such thing, it’s just a rumors.

Today, Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida confirmed regardless of what the PlayStation 4 price ends up with, it will certainly be affordable:

“The architecture choice we have made this time around has allowed us not to invest to create dedicated factories and conducting factories and things like that — so that helps in order for us to provide an affordable price to consumers.” Via 

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