You Could Make A Fortune If You Own Any Of These Rare Pokemon Cards


Pokemon Go has been a revelation this year and it has been in the news since the very first day of its release earlier this month. People are literally going crazy over the augmented reality game where they need to catch Pokemon by walking around in real life.

Pokemon Go has been able to create a huge fan base in this very short span as numerous people who didn’t have any idea about Pokemon are now seen playing the game. However, we have some good news if you have been a die-hard Pokemon fan from your childhood and had the hobby of collecting Pokemon cards.


If you still have those cards as your prized possession, they can literally get you with a hefty amount of money. The list below shows the current market value of some of these cards that can make you a littler richer.

Note: The eBay bidding price is taken as a guideline while preparing this list.

1. Espeon Pop Series 5


The Espeon Pop Series 5 card is priced at $1407.95. You can buy it here.

2. Venusaur Holographic card


The current market price of the Venusaur Holographic card is $2499. If you possess one, you can buy a car by selling it.

3. Fukano/Magic: The Gathering


The above card is priced at $2999. This card was a misprinted one from a Magic: The Gathering set of cards, which makes it so special.

4. Charizard First Edition


The Charizard first edition card is another rare Pokemon card which has a tremendous market value. It is currently priced at $3999.

5. Krabby


This is another card that had a misprint. The card is currently priced at $5000. The ebay listing of the card reads, “If you look closely at the krabby’s fossil symbol, you can clearly see where part of it is missing!”

6. Pokemon Master’s Key Japanese National Champion Prize Card


This card was available for the winner of a national Pokemon tourney in Japan. The current market price of the card is $10,000.

7. Pre-Release Raichu


There are only 10 Pre-release Raichu cards in existence all over the world. These misprinted cards now have the value of $10,000 each.

8. Tropical Mega Battle


The Tropical Mega Battle cards were made only for the Hawaiian market. Only a dozen of such cards were produced in total. They are currently priced at $10,000.

9. Magikarp Tamamushi University


These types of cards were given as prizes by one of the Japanese schools in the past. You can now be a proud owner of one of such cards by just paying $15,000.

10. Pikachu Illustrator


This is the costliest card of all. It’s hard to believe, but the current market value of the Pikachu Illustrator is a thumping $100,000. The card is special because it says ‘Illustrator’ instead of ‘Trainer’.

The total value of the 10 above-mentioned cards combined together is around $161,000. You are definitely sitting on a fortune if you even possess half of them.