Xbox Series X|S Has Outsold PS5, According To Microsoft

Microsoft has announced that Xbox Series consoles have managed to outsell Sony’s PS5, attributing its success to Xbox Game Pass.

After issues with manufacturing, scalping, and a whole pandemic, it seemed like getting your hands on next-gen consoles was becoming an increasingly difficult task. However, those consoles are now breaking sales records.

Xbox has managed to beat its own hardware sales records from over a decade ago. In addition, it has now outsold Sony’s PlayStation 5 over the last two quarters.

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Credit: Microsoft

Why are Xbox Series consoles more popular than PS5?

Apparently, Xbox Series X|S has been the next-gen market leader for two quarters in a row in the UK, US, Canada and Western Europe. The Nintendo Switch is still outselling both Xbox and PS5, but it’s still a significant leap for Xbox.

In the previous generation, the Xbox One trailed behind the PS4. Microsoft has managed to claw back some popularity now with the new consoles, and it could be down to the success of Game Pass.

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The amount of hours played by Xbox Game Pass subscribers has increased by 45% recently. It seems that many gamers are more interested in the value that Game Pass provides. It’s easy to see why, as new games can be expensive. We’ll have to see if Xbox can continue its streak at the top, or if Sony can strike back.

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Featured Image Credit: Microsoft/Sony