This Xbox One Controller Promises To Stop Spawn Camping

For as long as there have been spawn points, there have also been spawn campers. A company called Power A is making a pretty hefty claim on the packaging for their controller. It lists the features as having a 3┬ámeter cable, not requiring any batteries, impulse triggers, nano-sized ergonomics, dual rumble motors… and “No Spawn Camping.”

That’s right, this controller claims to eliminate spawn camping. It’s hard to imagine how a controller could possibly do that, and if it could – you’d get banned for using it almost immediately.

This was probabally somebody in the marketing department who needed one more circle to fill on the side of the box, and asked what some of the most annoying aspects of competitive gaming are. Obviously, one of the bigger answers is “spawn campers”, so there you have it. Realistically, it’s probably just a joke and someone having a laugh.

Or they could just be telling you that as a rule, like, hey remember kids, no spawn camping. That’s a good public service announcement, and if that’s the case, every controller should carry that warning. Sure, you can get some easy kills, but nobody will like you and they’re empty kills that you didn’t earn.

If you’re going to make a wired controller, the long cable is welcome and no batteries required is certainly the silver lining, but could you imagine if a controller could actually stop campers??