Wreck-it Ralph Makes An Appearance In Fortnite

Wreck-it Ralph is known for its in-movie cameo appearances from the likes of Sonic, Bowser and the Pac-Man ghosts, but did we ever expect to see Ralph himself appear in a non-Disney game?

Credit: Disney

It appears that we’re getting a Ralph cameo in none other than Fortnite, the game that everyone either loves or hates, from the team at Epic Games.

A clip of streamer MozzzyyTwitch discovering the Wreck-It Ralph appearance popped up on Reddit, and you can check it out for yourself below.

Wreck It RALPH – Coming to Fortnite! from r/FortNiteBR

The discovery was made at Risky Reels, with Ralph appearing on a movie screen very briefly.

Credit: Disney

Another Redditer by the name of Pleximon also posted a full slip of the Fortnite/Ralph appearance with the title: “Wreck-It Ralph Promotion Video found in Fortnite Game Files!”

Wreck-It Ralph Promotion Video found in Fortnite Game Files! from r/FortNiteBR

Exciting stuff!

The collab between the two is to promote the newly-released sequel to Wreck-it Ralph, entitled Ralph Breaks The Internet.

Fans of both Disney and Fortnite are hoping we’ll get a little more than just a video though…maybe something along the lines of the playable Thanos character introduced over the summer…? Some are even suspecting a Ralph-themed Limited Time Mode might be on the cards, which will definitely be one to look out for!

Have you spotted Ralph in Risky Reels? Do you think he’ll be a playable character in the future?

Credit: Disney

Ralph Breaks The Internet released 21 November 2018.