Diablo 4 Is Actually In Development Despite Not Being Talked About At Blizzcon

Blizzcon 2018 will go down in history as a bit of a disaster. Sorry, but the announcement of mobile game Diablo Immortal when fans were expecting Diablo 4? That’s a whole load of nope that gamers are reluctant to forgive Blizzard for.

Credit: Blizzard

However, before you turn your back on any hope of Diablo 4, there might still be a chance…

According to Kotaku, various unnamed sources at Blizzard have confirmed that Diablo 4 is in the works – it’s just not allowed to be publicly spoken about.

Credit: Blizzard

In the article, it’s explained that the next Diablo is being worked on under the name ‘Fenris’, with various sources confirming to Kotaku that ‘Fenris’ is “the current incarnation of Diablo IV.”

One former employee stated: “[Design director] Luis [Barriga] has a very strong vision for that game, one that a lot of people are excited about at Blizzard.”

The article has been met with skepticism on Twitter, with fans reluctant to believe that there’d be no mention of a new title in the works at Blizzcon this year.

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People are even going so far as to call Blizzard out on its choice to ignore the supposed ‘Fenris,’ comparing the company to the likes of Nintendo and Bethesda, who never shy away from announcing their future plans.

What do you think about the supposed reveal?