Blizzard Is Working On More Mobile Games Than Just Diablo Immortal

The recent announcement for Diablo Immortal was…not great, to say the least, and Blizzard has been scrambling to recover ever since that fateful moment at Blizzcon earlier this month. Fans were hoping and praying for a brand-new Diablo game, but instead got Diablo Immortal, the mobile game that nobody asked for. Unfortunately, if you’re hoping … Read more

‘’ Now Redirects To A Free-To-Play ‘Diablo-like’ Game

Diablo fans have been up in arms since THAT announcement at BlizzCon this year, which revealed that the ‘new’ game that had previously been teased is actually a mobile game. If you’re still raging at the reveal then don’t despair, because there’s a pretty nice alternative out there for Diablo fans, and it’s really making the most of the … Read more

Blizzard has put out a Statement about Diablo 4 Rumours

Last week Diablo fans were thrown into a tizzy when the schedule for the upcoming Blizzcon 2018 event showed that there was an allocated time slot for an exciting Diablo update. Gamers have been eagerly awaiting any news on a potential Diablo 4 for basically forever now, and people were pretty hyped at the thought … Read more