Watch This Fallout 4 Player Beat The Most Impossible Battle in a Hilarious Manner

Deep within the darkest corners of the Commonwealth await a wide variety of monsters and bandits waiting to ruin your day. Ghouls? No problem? Mirelurks? Easy. A clan of fire obsessed murderers? Get running kid.

If you’ve had the pleasure of running into the lively lot, you’ll know the pain and torture that awaits. Rightfully named the “Forged”, one wrong and you’ll get roasted so hard it’ll put Katt Williams to shame.


The quest has you clearing out Saugus Ironworks, which initially sounds like a walk in a park, just another set of helpless settlers needing the Minutemen’s help, but oh you’re so wrong.

What makes the quest stand out above the rest in difficulty is the fact you’re in a small, enclosed building against enemies toting flamethrowers and molotovs. Keeping your distance isn’t an option, and we haven’t even got to the boss yet.

He’s decorated with power armor and wields an overpowered automatic laser weapon. In short, he’s a badass who’s going to do everything he can in order to kill you.

It’s no easy feat, as YouTuber FischiPiSti found out. Luckily for us, the whole fight was documented and it’s truly hilarious. With a display of their iron will and lateral thinking, this video shows off some… unconventional methods of taking the boss down. Take a look at the video here.


What started as a fail turned into the biggest Fallout 4 win I’ve seen so far. Fishci hulks it like an absolute boss, the only thing that could of made this video better would be if they used the 2076 World Series Baseball Bat and flung him into the lava pit.

But in all seriousness FischiPiSti, nice work. Watch him do it all in the video below –

YouTube video


And remember kids, drugs don’t work. Unless it’s Fallout 4, in that case, go crazy.