Fallout 4 – The Best Mods You Must Try

A lot of mods have been developed by the Fallout 4’s animated community since the release of the game couple of weeks ago for PC. It’s building up  quite a posse of interesting ones as the modding community gets to spend more quality time with the game. Activating the super awesome modding powers for your version … Read more

Stacking Consoles turns into Amazing PlayStation Tower

This console was created in Japan and the items used is all the existing models of the PS4, PS3, PS2, and PS1. To be more specific it has the first PlayStation, the PlayStation One, fat and slim versions of the PS2, three different models of the PS3, and of course the lovely PS4, which happens … Read more

PS4 is ‘a really perfect gaming PC’

During an interview with CVG and Epic Games VP Mark Rein, he informed that  the PS4 is ‘a really perfect gaming PC’. Not only that, he also said the PS4 games could even surpass what “most PCs” can do. He believe Sony PS4 “It’s like giving you the world’s best PC” He emphasize the PS4 opens up beyond what most … Read more

Unreal Engine 4 likely to be announced along with PlayStation 4

Epic’s next edition of Unreal Engine 4 is likely to be announced alongside the announcement of next-gen console hardware, a veteran analyst has predicted. The demo which was shown behind closed doors at GDC last week hinted at next-gen tech. EEDAR President and CEO Greg Short said that it’s likely that Epic will announce the … Read more