Watch Dogs Campaign Will Last At Least 35 Hours

A make or break deal on open-world games for me is the amount of time I can put into them. For Watch Dogs, a nice 35 hours will be placed into this game just for the campaign. The news was revealed over Twitter by creative director Johnathan Morin. There’s going to be plenty of content to go through which means 35 hours is more or less just scrapping the top of the barrel here.

Open-world games can be hit or miss. Not only does the title need a compelling story to keep the player’s interest but enough content to explore and play through. Fans of the genre will not be disappointed as news broke on Twitter from Watch Dogs creative director, Jonathan Morin on the amount of time players can sink into this game. When asked about the length of the game, Jonathan announced that the average time of campaign completion will be anywhere from 35 to 45 hours.

Keep in mind that Jonathan is only talking about the main campaign. If you want to complete everything Watch Dogs currently has to offer then you can expect to complete the title fully in about 100 hours. As you may recall, Watch Dogs was suppose to release back in 2013 but was delayed. The new set release date is May 27th of this year.

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