10 upcoming open world games that will revolutionize gaming

Open-world games undoubtedly mark a point in video game history. They transcend a traditional linear design and begin allowing players the possibility to experience a sandbox world in which they are free to roam, taking the path they feel defines them best. So, if you want to know what games that are worth it will … Read more

hunt humans

These are 10 Open World Games That Let You Hunt and Kill People

Open world games where you get to fill in the shoes of a mercenary, an assassin or even a survivor are common. On a deserted island or mountainous country terrain, they usually offer us the chance to go kill. Using the weapons at hand, as well as the abilities the playable character is gifted with, … Read more

10 Best Open World Games That Let You Roam and Play Anywhere

For gamers who love to roam freely and explore as much as possible, open world games are like digital lucid dreaming. The fact that you can decide when to approach different objectives or quests instead of just following a linear structure is a trait that gives a sense of reality and immersion to open world … Read more

The Crew – Truly Driving Social Trailer

Ubisoft upcoming racing title has a new trailer. Titled “Truly Driving Racing” gamers can get a glimpse into how the online portions will play out. The Crew is more of an MMO. Made up from several cities stretching throughout the United States, gamers will be able to play seamlessly with others online. This particular trailer … Read more