Warning: Latest PS4 firmware update is causing this console-breaking issue for some users

The latest version of the PS4 firmware is causing some very undesirable side-effects for a growing number of users. This is in version 4.50, that came out on March 9, and that many people are using with no issues, but for some – this update broke their console’s Wi-Fi, and Sony hasn’t said anything about this problem that’s been effecting more and more users, until very recently.

image: community.us.playstation.com

One user created a thread on Sony’s Playstation support forum when the problem first arose after they installed the latest update, and the thread became filled with other people having the same issues. It took weeks for Sony to respond, and when they did, it was just a brief note to Polygon saying: “We are aware and are looking into the situation.”

For many people, it’s not a big deal, because their Wi-Fi is still working fine, and for some of the people with broken Wi-Fi, they can just run an Ethernet cable, but everyone else is SOL and stuck waiting for Sony to address this more thoroughly and they haven’t even been given a time frame yet.

The Solutions Aren’t Working

image: youtube

People have reported trying to reset their consoles, resetting their routers, changing the router channel, resetting their router passwords, no dice.

The NW-31297-2 error code was referenced by some users, which says “Could not connect to the Wi-Fi network because the Wi-Fi password is not correctly set on the PS4, or the wireless network is busy,” and Sony’s site offers this solution:

“Go to [Settings] > [Network] > [Set up Internet Connection] to configure the network settings again.”

As another solution to that error code, Sony also suggests disconnecting other devices from your Wi-Fi connection because it could be busy, and the final solution if all else fails is “Try Later.” But they haven’t given any tips to fix the broken Wi-Fi problem in particular, as the normal solutions to error NW-31297-2 don’t seem to be working.

There are still plenty of people without their PS4 Wi-Fi since installing the update, and all they can do is wait for another update, and to hope this new update doesn’t cause any new problems.