Venom Was Originally A Woman Who Became Evil After Blaming Spider-Man For Past Trauma

Venom is currently dominating the box office (despite getting mixed reviews…) but did you know Venom originally had a very different back story?

Although this isn’t exactly new information for Venom fans, people are still pretty shocked to learn that Venom was originally going to be a female character, instead of Eddie Brock.

The creator of Venom, David Michelinie has confirmed [via Word Balloon] that he originally planned for female Venom to develop a hatred for Spider-Man after blaming him for the death of her husband and their unborn baby.

Lady-Venom’s story arc was going to be a pretty sad one, as Michelinie has explained she was going to be pregnant and going into labour. As her husband flagged down a taxi, the driver became distracted by a Spider-Man fight nearby. He lost control of the taxi, hit Lady-Venom and she sadly lost the child and was left in a coma. Her husband died in the collision.

Pretty dark, right?


The story was going to be that Lady-Venom enacted her revenge on Spidey, blaming him for the tragedy and therefore attracting the symbiote that would begin her transformation into the villain.

The idea was apparently scrapped – not because of how dark it is – but because Marvel editor, Jim Salicrup, reportedly didn’t think audiences would believe a female could take on Spidey. That might have been the way of thinking in the 80s, but it definitely doesn’t fly in 2018.

Venom could have been an entirely different movie if the original plot had been chosen…

Critics have almost-universally panned the new movie, with its Rotten Tomatoes score standing at a lowly 21%.

“A tone-deaf, uneven and maddeningly dumb clunker that never settles on an identity, all the way to the closing credits,” wrote Richard Roeper of Chicago Sun-Times.

Felix Vasquez Jr. of Cinema Crazed also wrote: “All so terrible, dull, and ridiculous, and I’m weary at the thought of a franchise being built from these vapid, poorly built characters.”
However, despite the panning of the film from the experts, fans haven’t been put-off.
Venom has enjoyed a massively successful opening weekend, pulling in $205.2 million worldwide and setting an international record for any October release, ever.
Have you seen it yet?