DC Comics Unveils First Pictures Of Ruby Rose As Batwoman

DC Comics has just treated the world to its very first glimpse of Ruby Rose playing the iconic Batwoman, and the internet has had a lot to say on the matter…

Though the image has gotten a lot of DC fans pretty hyped up, not everyone feels that Rose’s Batwoman is the one they want to see…

Batwoman was introduced into the DC Comics universe back in 2006, and is the first LGBTQ DC character to lead a series. Batwoman is actually a lesbian street-fighter, and it’s pretty exciting to think where Rose will take the character.

The mixed reception to the image was sort-of to be expected, because with such an impressive and large fandom, you really can’t please everyone…

DC Comics has cut no corners when it come to the iconic Batwoman though.

Rose is sporting a form-fitting and stylish red and black suit designed by the best in the business – Colleen Atwood, the woman behind costume design for shows and movies like Arrow, Supergirl and The Flash.

Atwood has won awards for her work in the industry when it comes to 10/10 costume design, even nabbing herself an Academy Award for her skills.

What do you think of the Ruby Rose as Batwoman, and is her costume iconic as hell, or a bit of a flop?

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