DC Comics Unveils First Pictures Of Ruby Rose As Batwoman

DC Comics has just treated the world to its very first glimpse of Ruby Rose playing the iconic Batwoman, and the internet has had a lot to say on the matter… Though the image has gotten a lot of DC fans pretty hyped up, not everyone feels that Rose’s Batwoman is the one they want to … Read more

Upcoming Call of Duty 2014 Teaser Has Begun

It appears that Sledgehammer Game’s is gearing up to reveal their first ever Call of Duty title for the next gen consoles. They once collaborated with Infinity ward to developed  Modern Warfare 3 but this is their very own take on the game development. It has been said that  Sledgehammer’s Call of Duty will truly be the “First Next-Gen” … Read more

Sony Reveals PlayStation Plus Games For March

PlayStation Plus subscribers can get a chance to see just what new titles will be rolling in this March. For those who have yet to subscribe, PlayStation Plus will grant subscribers free titles for both the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 along with Sony’s handheld the PS Vita. While we don’t have the official release … Read more

Possible Minor GTA V DLC Details Leaked

Rockstar’s hit series Grand Theft Auto has always been a hot selling item. Now with Grand Theft Auto V released, the game has been breaking records left and right. With over a billion dollars made within just three days since the video game launch, there’s absolutely an outcry for more content. Recently Rockstar has announced … Read more

Sony Reveals PlayStation Plus Titles For February

PlayStation Plus is a service that we highly recommend. Where else can you get up to 5 brand new video game titles each month for free, so long as you pay $50 a year. If you’re still without PlayStation Plus then you may have some incentive to pick it up this February. Today we’re finding … Read more

E3 2013: 8 Games To Watch Out For

E3 was mind-blowing this year, literally. Microsoft was almost floored by Sony. Much more has been offered by Sony than Microsoft for a much lesser price. Whoever wins the war of the two giants, gamers will definitely be benefited. A plethora of games were showcased. Few proved a dud but overall, the games managed to … Read more