Upcoming Call of Duty 2014 Teaser Has Begun

It appears that Sledgehammer Game’s is gearing up to reveal their first ever Call of Duty title for the next gen consoles. They once collaborated with Infinity ward to developed  Modern Warfare 3 but this is their very own take on the game development. It has been said that  Sledgehammer’s Call of Duty will truly be the “First Next-Gen” Call of Duty video game.

We all know that the upcoming Call of Duty teaser usually kick off  at the end of April and beginning of May. Previously, it happened with Black Ops 2, and the latest title in the franchise, Ghosts. Now its already begun for the next one.

The first Teaser of the upcoming Call of Duty 2014 video game “actual in-game characters”  were revealed. I was very excited to see the level of detail in one image and what to expect in the next Call of Duty.

But now  Sledgehammer Games  has unveiled on their official website,  a new teaser stating that  “Call of Duty is Coming Soon” under the games section which you can view down below.


Base on the previous titles, we can expect that the new Call of Duty title to revealed during the first week of May.It has been said that  the game will be a part Modern Warfare series but we’ll keep you posted upon further details released.