New Rick and Morty ‘Pickle Rick Outtake’ Has Fans Crying

Rick and Morty is one of the most popular animated shows of all time (ever), and it’s spawned one of the best cartoon icons of all time – Pickle Rick.

Everyone’s favourite pickle has become its own meme, spawning toys, costumes, Funko Pops and now even a physical board-game

If you can’t get enough Pickle Rick in your life then Adult Swim has you covered, as it’s just released a brand-new Pickle Rick outtakes video to its YouTube channel.

The fully animated outtake is a work of genius, as actor and co-creator Justin Roiland struggles to keep his cool when trying to deliver Pickle Rick’s lines.

Watch the clip below and let us know what you think!

YouTube video

The four-minute clip is Pickle Rick at his absolute best, and it has fans crying with laughter.

One Rick and Morty fan commented on the vid, saying: “I love how the entire thing is animated!😂👏🏻👍🏻💚😂😂”

“I love how you animated the laugher along with the audio,” added another. “This is so f*cking good.”

You can expect a lot more Rick and Morty goodness in the future, with a new PlayStation 4 game getting confirmed last month.

Justin Roiland dropped a trailer on Twitter for the new PS4 game, which will also be playable on the VR too.

He wrote: “An epic sci-fi adventure awaits you in early 2019. It’s a first person third person co-op with yourself action adventure on and also fully playable on TROVER SAVES THE UNIVERSE

And of course, we’re all hyped up for the launch of the show’s fourth season…

The world can never get enough Rick and Morty!