Valorant Cheating Apparently Now At An All-Time Low

An update on Valorant Anti-Cheat has been released on the game’s website.

In the update Matt “K30” Paoletti, Valorant’s senior Anti-Cheat analyst, stated that cheating in the game is at an all-time low. This is good news for Valorant players, as it shows the developers remain committed to tackling cheating in the game.

K30 explained that “we’ve invested a great deal of time, both through operational and technical advancements, to make sure that cheating is at a sustainably low level, and most importantly, that cheating is never a viable way to long term competitive success in VALORANT.

We have to strike the balance between keeping games as safe as possible, while also ensuring that the arms race with cheaters is at a pace we’re always ahead in.

What’s next for Valorant Anti-Cheat?

K30 went on to say Riot Games is continuing to iterate on the best version of Vanguard, with a focus on removing cheaters for good.

What's New in VALORANT Episode 3 Act II
Credit: Riot Games

Riot are planning additional improvements, which aim to reduce “player pain” in the unfortunate event that your account gets stolen. Also, account security enhancements will help prevent players buying high-ranked accounts to grief in top level matches.

K30 also mentioned boosting, stating “during Episode 2, we saw cheaters boosting other players by duoing with them, knowing that their account would get banned but the boostee would keep the ill-gotten gains.” Riot Games has created automated measures to take action on anyone taking part in this kind of boosting.

It’s clear the Valorant team is committed to keeping cheaters of all kinds out of their game, which is certainly a nice thing to see.

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Featured Image Credit: Riot Games