Valkyrae’s New Skincare Line Is Causing Some Backlash

Online star Rachell “Valkyrae” Hofstetter has responded to backlash on Twitter after many called her new skincare line a “scam”.

Valkyrae’s skincare line, “RFLCT”, launched on October 19th, and claimed to protect users from “blue light pollution” being emitted from their screens. But after some users did some research, it became apparent that blue light may not actually have any negative effects on skin.

In the announcement video, Valkyrae said “It’s the skincare collection for everyone who uses a screen. It’s designed to protect your skin from blue light that is emitted from all digital screens.” Users were quick to point out that there is little evidence for blue light being harmful to our skin.


Is RFLCT Misleading?

The company behind RFLCT, Blue Mistral, LLC, even admits its products might not actually do what they claim to do. Product descriptions specifically state that blue light is “potentially harmful,” but that doesn’t mean it’s guaranteed to be harmful, which calls the purpose of the products into question.

Whether or not Valkyrae was aware of this beforehand is unknown, but she has previously mentioned being directly involved in the creation process, so it would be strange if she was unaware of the effects of blue light.

She later tweeted on her private account, saying “I was told to wait until tomorrow to speak. I’m also very confused“, but the tweet was soon deleted.


Due to her popularity, the product instantly gained traction, and is still available to purchase. Many other streamers and popular creators congratulated Valkyrae on the product launch too. We’ll have to wait and see how she responds next.

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Featured image credit: Valkyrae