Update: PS4 5GB of RAM is “Absolutely False”

There was a recent story where Digital Foundry reported rumors about the PS4, there will be 4.5 GB of memory for games and 3.5 GB for the operating system.

Head of Vblank Entertainment PS4 developer Brian Provinciano declares the recent Digital Foundry rumors as “absolutely false.”

“It’s absolutely false,” says the PS4 developer. “Absolutely ridiculous.”

He went on to publish his own article on the issue, giving concise explanations, but still gave no insight on how much memory is used.

At NeoGAF, there have also been word buzzing that Thuway a known insider, has indicated that the PS4 willl have 6 GB of RAM for the games and 2GB for the operating system.

We are still unsure if any of these news about the number of RAM running the games are official. The best thing to do would be to wait for Sony to confirm the numbers anytime soon.

How important is the gigabytes to you? Comment below.