Futuristic Graphics with CryEngine 3

The screenshots provided is to give you an idea of how amazing games will look like with the CryEngine 3. It is crazy how developers aren’t even using this engine yet.

Maybe Crytek is making the CryEngine 3 pricetag too steep for some developers. It would be the most logical reason as to why they wouldn’t use such amazing technology.

A modder than goes by the name ‘PianoPolish’ was so impressed by Naughty Dog’s Uncharted, that he decided to create his own desert landscapes from the game’s environment.

[click on images for a better view]

Another modder ‘wjmoosting’, even shared some cool images from what would be a racing game. Even more modders from codecode, ReVan1199, and also a video from ‘MegaVIDEONATOR’ joined in by showing what they can do with power of CE3.

YouTube video

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