10 Must-Read Tips for Building Your Own PC

Building your own PC is a highly rewarding job, because at the end of the day you can enjoy a well-deserved gaming session on the new machine that you created with your own two hands. But as this task is quite enjoyable, it can also be quite delicate, knowing how to choose and install all … Read more

Update: PS4 5GB of RAM is “Absolutely False”

There was a recent story where Digital Foundry reported rumors about the PS4, there will be 4.5 GB of memory for games and 3.5 GB for the operating system. Head of Vblank Entertainment PS4 developer Brian Provinciano declares the recent Digital Foundry rumors as “absolutely false.” “It’s absolutely false,” says the PS4 developer. “Absolutely ridiculous.” He went on … Read more

PS4’s 8GB RAM was kept secret from third-party devs

In a report today during an interview  with VideoGamer, Water’s CEO Stewart Gilray, the developer of a mystery title for PlayStation 4 informed that the PS4 ram was kept secret from third-party devs. It was more like a surprise for them. Only a few knew the PS4 will feature 8GB  Ram.  The devs were initially informed that the … Read more