Ubisoft Says Unhappy Rainbow Six Siege Pros Are Actually a Good Thing

Rainbow Six Siege pros across the world are unhappy as Ubisoft Montreal unveils drastic new changes for Year 5 and 6. These changes will completely overhaul the game, including a reworked Operator and Tachanka. But Ubisoft Montreal is delighted to see unhappy professional players – they say it’s a sign the game is “going in the right direction”.

After dropping the patch notes for Rainbow Six Siege’s Void Edge patch, which marks the beginning of the game’s Year 5 content, Siege’s creative director Leroy Athanassoff, took questions.

A promotional image of two characters from Rainbow Six Siege
Credit – Ubisoft

Alongside teasing the upcoming rework for Russian machine gunner and ironic fan favourite Tachanka, Athanassoff discussed the reactions from unhappy Siege pros to some of the upcoming changes being made for Year 5 and Year 6.

During the blog post he discussed some new features. He claims that Ubisoft “recently tested some of the features we want to introduce in Year 5 and Year 6 in a workshop with pro players, and they were unhappy, to say the least. They are the people that make their living from being good at this game, so they are the people in our population of players that most want to have control of the game. The more they are in control, the better they are at their profession. If you are a professional, you don’t like that the rules of something are changing constantly, because it challenges you to stay at the highest level.”

A promotional image featuring game characters from Rainbow Six Siege
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Athanassoff then went on to explain that he feels this is a good thing for the development of the game. He says “if they are not happy (with our proposed features), then to me that means we are going in the right direction.”

How Will These Changes Impact Gameplay For Rainbow Six Siege Pros?

As for Tachanka’s highly anticipated rework, Leroy Athanassoff promised some big changes. He says, “what we want with a rework is for you to have new gameplay”, before adding, “You are going to have to relearn the Operator. You’re going to have a new way of playing them.

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As for when the rework will be completed? There’s no clear answer yet. What we do know is that Rainbow Six Siege will be streamlining its patches by removing smaller ones. Whilst there’s no word on a dedicated stream mode patch yet, we hope this is still in the works.

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