is implementing a Genius way to stop Ad Blockers

Twitch has a modicum of ways for the site to make money and one of them is to show the viewers ads. There are ads, subscriptions and ‘bits’ which act like donations.

Currently ads are one of the lower earners for Twitch as many people have ad block enabled so they don’t see any ads at all. Ads are meant to always appear when a viewer enters a stream and are also played whenever the streamer sets an advert to run. Some streamers don’t run ads at all and some run frequent ad breaks – it all depends on the streamer.

Image: Twitch

One of Twitch’s biggest money makers is subscriptions and one of the biggest bonuses to subscribing to a channel is the fact that you don’t get any adverts. However, if you have adblock enabled then you don’t have to sit through the ads anyway. This in turn means you are less likely to subscribe.

Making adblock useless not only means more viewers will see more ads but also means that more viewers will become subscribers. A very clever money making move from Twitch on all fronts.

But how are they going to do it? I hear you shout from the pits of Twitch chat. What they are going to do is make it part of the streamers content rather than overlaying the advert which is what they do now. Which means you would have to block the whole stream rather than just the overlaid ad – not possible. Check out Mylixia explain it further below:

Mylixia even goes as far as to say that Twitch is going to show more ads than ‘network TV’ it would certainly be a big ask but can definitely be done if Twitch keeps growing the way that it is.

This way of advertising has not yet been rolled out but companies that want to buy ads can already start purchasing these spot. This means that it will only be a few months before we start to see this sort of thing being rolled out. Sorry adblock users this time there isn’t much you can do to stop this.