Twitch Chat Encourages Kid To Slap His Mum’s Arse In Bizarre Stream

Twitch streams see a lot of weird behaviour, and now the platform has a crazy amount of young streamers, things are getting downright bizarre.

Credit: Twitch

Twitch streamer Vilija1111 usually streams health and wellness videos which sometimes feature her young son.

She recently streamed herself working out with her son present – and that’s when things got weird.

In the chat, viewers started asking the son to “hit it for us,” referring – of course – to his mother’s butt. Worryingly, the child does what he’s told, which definitely confuses his mum…

Check out the clip below to experience the weirdness for yourself…

Let’s face it, this isn’t the weirdest thing we’ve seen in a Twitch stream…

Twitch streamers are often gifted the best present in the universe – money – from their loving viewers and subscribers. Usually people donating to a streamer are helping to keep their channels alive and well and sometimes it’s to get them a pizza six hours into a stream, and sometimes it’s even more selfless.

Twitch streamer Greekgodx recently came across a selfless fan of his channel, a fan selfless enough to dole out a massive FIVE HUNDRED POUNDS (that’s over $600 USD!) for Greekgodx to be able to give out money or free subscriptions to some of his most adoring fans.

However, Greekgodx had other plans for the kind donation…

He told the stream: “Give [the donater] a Greek-out in the chat…not only has he supported me in top bits, he’s also supported me in money, donations-wise, and subs. Like, thank you mate…thank you, dude.

“Thank you so f*cking much but I’m not gifting my chat anything though. That money’s mine now. I’ve f*cking yoinked it. Sorry, chat. That’s my money now.”

Of course the chat wasn’t best pleased, flooding the stream with sad emojis having missed out on a lot of loyalty and a bit of cash.

Credit: Twitch

The money, donated by a Twitch user by the name of Bokhalid99, had been sent with the message: “Twitch is still being a chimp so can you gift the chat SmileW.”

Sorry, Bokhalid99. Maybe next time donate your money to a more worthwhile cause…

Check out the clip above, and if for some reason you want to look up Greekgodx, you can check out his channel right here.