Trademark filing might have revealed Project Scorpio’s name and logo

A recent trademark filing by Microsoft might have revealed Project Scorpio’s official name and logo.

The filing was made with the European Union Intellectual Property’s official website and was done as recently as June 6th, 2017. It was submitted by Microsoft and the category it was filed under was consumer goods for video game consoles and software.

The logo features an ‘S” with portions missing in the middle. Many people have made the assumption that the filing is actually made for the official name for Project Scorpio which will be ‘Xbox S’ and the logo itself is also the for console.

However, others feel that it might just have been made for something else such as rebranding for the Xbox One Slim console.

We’ll only know for sure when Microsoft starts their E3 press conference laying bare all the details about its mid-life Xbox One upgrade. Till then, take this with a grain of salt.