Massive Red Dead Redemption 2 leak has gamers losing their minds

We’ve been inundated with leaks and rumors about Red Dead Redemption 2, and here’s a look at some of the more credible and likely ones. A lot of this information comes from an alleged Rockstar insider, so take it with a grain of salt for now, at least until E3 rolls around and we’re able to officially confirm or deny more of this information.

First up, it’s believed the protagonist of RDR2 could be a fellow by the name of Jack Marston. Name sounds familiar? He’s the son of John┬áMarston, and has previously appeared in RDR.

We’re not sure how old he will be, or the exact story arc that lead him to be featured in his own game this time around, but another rumor suggests that this game will take place only about 3 years after the previous title, after Jack reads his deceased father’s journal and finds some things that don’t quite add up – and decides to try to put the pieces together to find the truth.

The insider has revealed that flashback scenes will play a key role in moving the story forward, and we’ve already seen a glimpse of that in the trailer. Jack will be going around, trying to find friends and people who knew his father, so expect to see a lot of familiar faces.

As far as game play goes, there could be heists where you’re robbing places like saloons and banks and even trains. There will be at least two major towns with a ton of areas to explore, and a lot of other locations scattered between, in a map that’s believed to be roughly the same size, or even larger, than that of GTA V.

The multiplayer may be “very economy driven” according to the leaker, with “gangs” playing a key role, along with buying and selling, and using the proceeds to outfit your transportation with weapons like gatling guns. Players can join gangs or clubs for a variety of different activities, from hunting, fishing, and gambling in a giant casino.

Again, none of this is confirmed, so for now this is just for fun, something to think about. Don’t get too attached to any of these features, because some or all of them may or may not even be true.

Unless a disgruntled Rockstar employee, who is willing to break their non-disclosure agreement, is sitting right in front of you with hard proof of these things, always take it for what it’s worth.