Top 5 boss battles

A great game will always teach you new things and give you new weapons, but there is no point in this unless there is a boss to put your new skills to the test. So here are my top five bosses that will make you curse and throw your controller at your wall.



Pyramid Head

Pyramid Head is the most horrific beast ever encountered in gaming and despite the fact that you have never battled him before this every time you saw him you gripped your controller like you holding on to your life. Then came the boss battle that every gamer dreaded. Its not just that its frustrating because i think the worst part is that you are fighting Pyramid Head and it is incredible intense.

The first time you fight with him it is obvious that you are not going to triumph and it is unclear if you are even going to survive. The large sword that he wields will end your life in a split second. This battle will you leave tremulous but you will also have a sense of achievement when and if you walk away from this.




The riftworm is a staggering giant worm that hunts you throughout Gears Of War 2 but you will never really face it head on. The reason you never fight it head on is because it constantly sinks entire cities throughout the game. Since it is so big and armourd on the OUTSIDE you decide to go inside. To start you walk through this monstrosity cutting through its veins and spraying blood everywhere.




Jack Krauser

I have recently replayed the exquisite Resident Evil 4 and the point that made me yell at my T.V with rage is when is came to the Jack Krauser boss battle. Jack was Leon’s previous partner and “friend” but as usual umbrella found a way to turn him. Jack had always seen powerful and well trained in the arts of close combat. So when it comes to fighting him you need to use everything you have learnt throughout the game. However you cant just use your regular weapons you must use your skills and plan you route before the epic battle.




Throughout Resident Evil you encounter nefarious forces but there is nothing worse than the tyrant. The tyrant is a huge B.O.W consumed by hatred and only knows how to kill. Of course the umbrella corporation has been working on this beast for a long time now so it is of course fully calibrated meaning it will have no issues except that weak spot in his chest without that one issue he would be pretty much invulnerable.



William Burkin

Burkin is a brutal scientist that has become Umbrellas new BOW. Throughout the game you cross paths but its the final confrontation that scares you the most. In the last battle Burkin undergoes the transformation from humanoid monster to unrecognizable beast with only one goal, to kill. You must use all of you skills and weapons if you want to triumph over this evil beast. However you cannot fight him head on instead you must hide from him and attack him when he least suspects it. This and the back story of Burkin makes him number one on this list.