This Video Shows The Incredible Evolution of Gaming From 1957-2015

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Do you know your roots as a gamer? Chances are that video games have been around a lot longer than you have. In human terms, we’re really just in the first generation of games. People that were around to play the first video games ever are still alive today, presumably some of them are still gaming, too.

Sonic doing his thing in 1991.
Sonic doing his thing in 1991.

It’s crazy to think about how far gaming has come, right alongside technology as a whole. This video really puts it all into perspective. We’ve all gone back to play THPS on PSX after playing it on PS2 and been┬álike “Woah”, or any other generational gap in a series for that matter, but when you put it in the context of decades upon decades, the changes are drastic and amazing.

We've come a long way.
We’ve come a long way.

Take a few moments to appreciate how far gaming as come, and then get really hyped because in the grand scheme of things – it’s just getting started. Who knows what video games will be like 20 years from now? 50 years from now?

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