This Guy Has Already Reached The Max Level Cap In The Division And It Only Took Him This Much Time

Yup. Took all of 15 hours to reach max level in The Division for Reddit user nikulasu. To his credit, he didn’t give any game spoilers in his post. He simply gave some feedback on what other players can do to achieve the same leveling rate as him. Apparently playing with friends is a key, as it’s a lot easier to level up that way.

He praised the game immensely however. “Everything from the leveling, to the different areas, scenery, combat.. has been so incredibly fun.” nikulasu said. Ironically, while being the first player to hit the max level, he hasn’t done much exploring or many side-missions, which are ever present in The Division.

Check out the full Reddit thread here. A few screenshots he took from his inventory are below:

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If you haven’t picked up The Division yet, maybe it’s time. There’s a ton of good things being said about it. Also, check out how long it takes to get across the map or how trolls have been hindering progress.