This Guy Figured Out How To Play DOOM on a Thermostat

The hacking community never fails to amaze me. When there are not committing malicious acts that destroy other’s lives, they are creating fun and innovative ways to modify your gaming experience.

Recently, YouTuber, cz7 asm uploaded a video of him hooking up a SNES controller onto a Honeywell Prestige thermostat and playing DOOM. In the video, the game can be seen running smoothly on the 480  x 272 LCD screen, while the SNES controller can be seen plugged into the USB port.

“An outcome of my recent project-porting DOOM on a thermostat,” cs7 asm explains. “A nice piece of hardware on a well-engineered board using an ARM9 processor. The DOOM engine is based on Chocolate DOOM and also its STM32F429 port.”


For those of you that don’t know, Chocolate DOOM is an open source port of the original DOOM. The thermostat is not the first device to run the classic first-person shooter either. In fact, there is a Tumblr account dedicated to all the devices that can run the game.

Though it is still unknown what makes the thermostat capable of running the game it is still pretty impressive nonetheless.

YouTube video