This Dark Souls III Player One-Hit Killed One Of The Game’s Most Difficult Bosses

Dark Souls III has released worldwide and most players are having a challenging time beating the game. However, some heroes (gamers) are born superior. There’s a youtuber called neptunusequester for example.

The dude just one-hit killed one of the toughest bosses in the game Pontiff Sulyvahn. If that doesn’t scream badass we don’t know what you’re made of. This feat is no easy one and definitely sits at the top of the list when it comes to players achieving near-impossible tasks while playing the game.

The guy claims he and his team completed this feat as part of their 1HKO (one hit knock out) Challenge.

This achievement is even more incredible since as I mentioned earlier, Pontiff is regarded as one of the toughest bosses in the game, and the average player has to spend, sometimes, hours planning out the right strategy to kill him.

Image: Dark Souls III
Image: Dark Souls III

You might be thinking but how is this even possible? Well, Dark Souls III is a really well-made game and offers you with several options. These guys came up with the strategy to stock up on buffs for the character build and used them strategically to create a buffed character that was able to execute a fatal blow to the boss.

Although it’s near impossible to deduce what kind of buffs they used but a redditor seems to have made a pretty well-calculated guess that gives us more insight about what exactly went into making this possible –

From what we can see – red tear stone ring (20%) followed by dragon torso, sunlight Sword buff (11.5%), then deep protection (5%) and then weapon art Warcry from Yohrm’s Great Machete (not sure the %, but this isn’t sharpen, since that’s on the normal machete, and removes previously applied buffs) and then reactivates dragon torso (10%). Finally after the Parry he switches on Morion blade for another Low HP boost (20%).

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He might be using some other enhancements too but it’s impossible to pinpoint right now. Combined, it gave him an immense boost in the damage he is able to output that ultimately enabled him to one-hit kill Pontiff the terrible (I made the name up).

Take a look at the video below and maybe you can figure out what kind of combination of equipment and buffs he used to make this possible –

YouTube video