There’s A Fan Theory About Groot’s Real Name And It Makes So Much Sense

When it comes to fan theories, there’s some incredibly complex, hard to get your head around, insanely intricate offerings. On the opposite end of the spectrum, there’s also others that are straight forward and uncomplicated. This is one of latter.

Reddit user redz191 posted a very simple message into the r/ fan theories group: “In Avengers: Infinity War it’s established that Thor speaks Groot. When Thor introduces Groot to Cap he says this is my friend, Tree. Therefore Groot’s real name is Tree.”

Well, that’s then then – isn’t it?


Another Redditor by the name of chrisjjones316 pointed this out: “Thor speaks English as well and refers to rocket as different animals. Should we really be trusting Point Break?”

The fans continued to fight it out, with another adding: “Let me fix it for you. Thor never learns Rocket’s name throughout the move, so he just keeps calling him “rabbit”, since nobody corrected him the first time. But he introduces Groot as “Tree” as if that’s his name, so the theory could still be possible.

“Or maybe he just calls him tree because he looks like a tree and nobody corrected him, who knows ;P”.

Another said: “When Thor wakes up, they call him Pirate Angel. He’s just mirroring the Guardian’s apparent use of imagery as identifiers. Hence why he calls Groot ‘Tree’ and Rocket ‘Rabbit’.

“As someone who travels the realms, he is practiced at being culturally sensitive!”

Well, who knows at this point. I guess someone just needs to ask the director – James Gunn. Although I doubt he’d be thrilled about answering any GOTG questions at the moment.

James Gunn, who is the director of Guardians of the Galaxy was asked what it was that Groot said at the end of Infinity War. Get your tissues ready because it’s a sad one. Check out the Tweet below.


If this doesn’t make you tear up a little bit then you must be made of stone. Or maybe you just haven’t become as engrossed in the series like many others have.

This isn’t the first time that James Gunn has replied to a fan about Groot. Someone was wondering if the new Groot was just old groot reborn or something different.

Gunn destroyed a few hearts that day as well by showing that Groot is in fact dead and the new smaller Groot is actually his son.

If you were wondering it is “canon AF”.

R.I.P. Groot we hope you return somehow in future films. We miss you already.