The Ultimate List Of Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do In Fallout 4

Fallout 4 is a massive game so make no mistake: there is a near infinite combination of actions you can take during gameplay. It would be almost impossible to figure all of them out unless you have already spent tons of hours playing the game. That’s why we thought it would be a great idea to make a list of the basics. This video is a beginners guide.

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1. You Can Equip The NPCs With Different Gear


You can equip the Non Player Characters in the game with armors and provide them more powerful weapons. This also helps you in offloading excessive inventory.

Here’s how you can gift your NPC friends.

Go near your active companion and press the activate button (Cross/A). The menu will then change and a Trade (Square/X) option will appear. You just need to select what you want to equip your buddy with and then press Equip (Triangle/Y). Similarly Dogmeat can also be dressed up with cute bandanas, collars, helmets and muzzle armors.

2. Conversations Can Be Quicksaved Easily


You can quicksave the conversation at any point of time and opening the pause menu won’t make it exit. You can also leave the chat in between and resume it later on.

3. Build A Bobblehead Display And Magazines Rack


If you go look through your workshop menu thoroughly you can built a Bobblehead display. You can also make a shelf for the magazines, be it a flat one or a spinning display.

4. Specific Beds For Your Settlers


You can make the NPCs settlers use their own beds by making specific beds for them. All you need to do is go to the Workshop menu,  activate the settler in question (Cross/A), then activate the bed you want them to sleep in.

This will assign them their own respective beds.

5. Gather Your Settlers By Building A Bell


You don’t need to find someone you need when you can build a bell by using the shortcut menu. All the settlers will gather around you from their hideouts once you ring the bell.

6. Build A Water Purifier For Free Health Boost Items


As the pumps produce a very limited amount of water, setting up a Water purifier isn’t a bad idea at all. Purified water works as a great healing item for the first 20 levels atleast.

7. Sniping: Hold Your Breath On


When you want to get the headshot don’t forget to hold your breath in. Take a compatible weapon and you’ll find the button prompt while aiming. Bingo!

8. Mod Your Armor


If you are still roaming around with the unmodded basic armor it is high time for you to upgrade the gear. All you need to do is to spend some perk points and you can get access to much more efficient armor.

9. Claim A free SPECIAL Point


You can get a SPECIAL point by visiting your old home in Sanctuary Hills. You need to search the bedroom of the baby Shaun and find a book named  “You’re SPECIAL”. The book will fall down after scrapping furniture giving you an extra point.

10. Cook Something New


Cooking is always good for health. The raw materials help you heal quickly enough. Cooking at the crafting stations gives you bonuses and also increases the healing powers of the recipes. This plays an important role in repairing your health bar.

11. Talk To Your Companions


You can talk to your companions in Fallout 4. You need to go in front of your companion and press Cross/A in your controller. Doing this will give you a chance to share your thoughts with them.

You’ll even be rewarded with chems or healing items for this occasionally.

12. You Don’t Need To Sell The Weapons And Armors


It is wise for you not to sell the looted guns and armors as it will be of help later in the game. The junks you collect will fetch you nothing if you sell to the vendors. Instead collect all the junks and scrap it on your workshop as this will help you when you go for a build with at least five points Intelligence.

Then put all the junk in a crate and scrap it and  you’ll get a lot of rare components if you have picked up the two Scrapper perks at level 23.

13. Select Multiple Objects At Once In Workshop View


You can save a lot of time by selecting multiple objects at once in Workshop View. You need to press the activate button (Cross/A) to do the same.

14. You Can Charge Your Laser Musket


You can charge your Laser Muskets time and again such that they gives more powerful shots. This will use more ammo but yield better results.

15. Take Cover


You can take cover from in places where bullets are flying. You can activate this feature by moving to a corner and aim down your sights. This will make your enemies have a lesser view at you and you will receive less damage.

16. Explode Tanks,Cars And Barrels


If you are bored and want do something crazy, you can go for a blowing spree. Barrels, cars and tanks can be made to explode by firing a few bullets or molotov.  All the best.

17. Drop Or Take Things Easily


You can drop all the junk by pressing Triangle/Y in the Workshop menu. This will make the junk deposit instantly. On the other hand you can press Square/X to take everything from the containers and even companion’s trading inventory.

18. Rename Your Armors And Weapons


Is your inventory flooded with a lot of things and you are finding it difficult to find the weapons or gears you need. You don’t need to worry now as you can rename your weapons and armor as you like.

The name can be changed as per your requirement at appropriate crafting stations. HTML tags can also be used to change the formats of the letters.

19. How About Buying A House In The Diamond City


You can buy a beautiful house at the Diamond City. The pre-made the house will cost you 2000 caps at the mayor’s office. The house can be customized as per your requirement too in the Workshop menu.

20. You Can Change The Color Of The Pip-Boy Menu


You can change your Pip-Boy display to different colors. There are a variety of colors available to choose from such as red, yellow, orange. This will make the display more interesting as you can choose the color according to your mood.

There you have it, this guide covers most of the important things that you might not have known you can do in-game. There’s is still tons of other things that we might have skipped or missed out on so make sure you keep exploring on your own. These will def aid you in the journey.