The Rock Is Making A Movie About One Of The “Most Badass” Video Games

Another video game movie adaptation is on the cards, and this time Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is making it. But what is it?

In an interview with Men’s Journal, The Rock revealed he’s working on a new movie about an unspecified video game. It’s unknown what it could be, but he described as one of the “biggest” and “most badass”.

“I can’t tell you which game in particular we’re doing,” he said, “but there will be an announcement this year. We’re going to bring one of the biggest, most badass games to the screen—one that I’ve played for years. I’m really excited to bring it to fans around the world.”

Dwayne 'the Rock' Johnson Almost Quit 'Rampage' Over Ending
Credit: Warner Bros

“Of course we’re going to do right by our gamer friends – but really we’re just going to make a great movie.”

What Game Is The Rock Talking About?

So it looks like the announcement is scheduled for sometime this year. We might not be waiting too long, but that hasn’t stopped plenty of speculation online.

Based on the limited information we have, it’s safe to assume it’s some kind of action game. Gears of War is one option, or it could be even bigger than that – something like Call of Duty. Or he could be throwing us all for a loop and it’s something like Rampage again.


It seems like The Rock is committed to making sure it does right by the players though, which is a good sign. A lot of video game adaptations fall short, so hopefully this one, whatever it is, ends up being worthwhile.

What do you think it could be? Let us know on social media!

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